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Million Message March Working To Protect Children From Coast To Coast | Community

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Million Message March Working To Protect Children From Coast To Coast
Community, Family, Moms
Million Message March Working To Protect Children From Coast To Coast

Army Of Angels Takes Facebook By Storm Advocating For Children Nation Wide

Sacramento,CA.-A Sacramento based effort working with child advocates from coast to coast has set it’s outreach goal between January 1st and April 1st 2012 at a minimum of one million meaningful messages. And here is how they are getting the job done: ten delegates (or more) are being secured in all 50 states (the groups is more than half way through this goal) serving as a voice and set of helping hands for children. Each of these activists has a Facebook account with the average “friend” count exceeding 3,000.All have agreed to facilitate comprehensive communication with every one of these designated on line pals, helping to spread the word and make certain our nation is mobilized to stand up for children and do what is required to protect them.

The Facebook posts, tweets, e-mails and personal notes are calling for action, requesting every person accept their own personal task to take aim at child abuse and do what is necessary to eliminate crimes against children. Primary targets of such correspondence are business owners and managers who are being asked to contribute to the effort as they can. The very first message in this march went out to Sunrise Event Center in Rancho Cordova, CA. requesting that they provide their facility cost free to host a day long child abuse prevention summit April 1st 2012, which they immediately agreed to. Since that time dozens more American companies have jumped on board to contribute resources to the cause. Linking the campaign to their web sites, making point of purchase or service contributions ( Example: $1. from every dinner sold between now and April 30th goes to the cause and so on).Businesses are also encouraged to allow employees to volunteer for the effort while on the clock.

The Army Of Angels heading up this nation wide campaign has already made significant headway, gaining media exposure and professional participants in each of the markets they have reached. Helping to not only create a much more cohesive and comprehensive system of care nation wide, but also to fuel groups working on behalf of these innocent and vulnerable citizens to make a difference. By creating public-private sector partnerships volunteers believe they can plug many of the holes in the system that children typically fall through. As the group involves representative from law enforcement, criminal justice, education, social services, news media and corporate America; team work on behalf of children is being taken to the next level.


Community, Family, Moms

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