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SMOSH turns sketch comedy into cash | Community

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SMOSH turns sketch comedy into cash

SACRAMENTO, CA - A suburban home on a quiet street is the secret lair for the internet comedy duo, SMOSH. 

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla got their start while in high school at Del Campo in Fair Oaks. Now in their early 20s, the two produce three to four videos a week for an internet audience of over 3 million subscribers.

"Thats the crazy thing about the internet," Hecox said. "If you you aren't producing new content every week, consistently, people are going to be gone. You've got to stay relevant."

One of their first YouTube videos was a lip sync of the Pokemon theme song, which was removed for copyright reasons. The duo recently created a Pokemon Revenge parody video in celebration of the video that launched their early popularity.


Increasingly, pre-teens and teens are augmenting their entertainment options with YouTube stars, tuning into channels each week for a new installment. 

While the shorts used to be of low production value (many still are), banner ad sales have allowed a small group of YouTubers to hire production staffs and turn their one time hobby into a profitable career. However, banner ads are just one revenue stream for the YouTube stars. 

An article in Business Insider estimated banner ad revenue for SMOSH to be $86,000 a year.

At the time of News10's interview, SMOSH was taping a sketch based on seniors using the internet and a sports equipment collection charity.

"We're doing a video thats all about asking people to donate their balls," Padilla said.

PHOTOS: News10 at SMOSH filming

The two concentrate on what makes them laugh hoping it will make their audience laugh as well and are humble about the outcome.

"We've gotten letters from kids who say, 'I was going through a rough time in my life and you're videos pulled me through that,'" Hecox said. "Just seeing that stuff, I can't believe I could effect someone's life that way."


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