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Cats and owners reuniting at UC Davis

The School of Veterinary Medicine is reuniting some pets brought to campus after the Camp Fire with their owners.

Laci Ping and her husband, Curtis Mullins, adopted Mayson just two weeks ago. The tabby slipped through a carrier when an explosion startled him during the Camp Fire evacuation.

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Camp Fire: donation drive wraps, veterinary response continues

The campus continues its efforts to assist victims of the Camp Fire in Butte County, with firefighters on the front lines, thousands of pounds of donations delivered to the fire’s victims, and veterinary personnel treating and seeking the owners of injured or displaced animals.

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Learning From gorillas to save killer whales

In 2018, the southern resident killer whale population in the Pacific Northwest’s Salish Sea was at its lowest ever. The world watched in September as an orca named Scarlet, or J50, wasted away and died, leaving just 74 of her kind left. Some wondered if this was “What extinction looks like.”

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THE DOWNLOAD: Halloween spirit, snow leopard surgery

Some kids who are hospitalized still got to celebrate the fun of Halloween at a party hosted by UC Davis Children's Hospital and Spirit Halloween Superstores.

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Coconut the snow leopard recovers from eyelid surgery

Coconut, the snow leopard cub born at the Sacramento Zoo earlier this year, underwent a rare eyelid surgery on Wednesday, October 24.. UC Davis veterinary specialists and the Sacramento Zoo veterinary team collaborated to correct a congenital eyelid defect known as colombas. This ocular deformity is sometimes documented in snow leopards under human care. Coconut was also born with other birth defects that impact his mobility.

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Horsing Around

Horsing Around

Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Forget gold, horses really built this country! The pioneer economy was dependent on horses for industry, travel, communication, and often for their very lives. Meet ranchers, wagon makers, blacksmiths, and horseshoers galore, and our very own Pony Express rider, Warren Upson. Come see the horses of the modern Pony Express! Sacramento Historic City Cemetery, 1000 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818. For more information call (916) 448-0811

BIG Day of Giving May 5th - Won't you please help us save lives!

BIG Day of Giving ~ May 5

Will you partner with us on May 5 for the BIG Day of Giving online challenge?  We are hoping to raise funds and awareness for Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue and other local nonprofits.