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Buy Sell Loan Inc.
We buy gold and silver!
4612 Auburn Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 929-0895
(916) 929-1546

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Buy Sell Loan Inc.

In need of quick cash to get you through hard times? Why not pawn some of your valuable items in our Sacramento pawn shop?

Think of pawning as a loan. You bring us a valuable item. We’ll appraise its value and give you cash in exchange. When you’re ready, you can reclaim your item for the value of the loan. It’s easy. Credit checks are not even necessary and you can walk out with cash in your pocket in a matter of minutes.

We also buy gold and silver in our Sacramento pawn shop and with the price of gold the way it is these days, this is a very popular option. Bring us your metals, and we’ll give you top dollar.

Shop for affordable luxury

For those looking for affordable luxury items such as jewelry, watches, musical instruments, we have that too. We also have tools, sport equipment and just about anything of value from time to time. You can shop some of our inventory online, or come see them in person in our Sacramento pawn shop, or any of our other shops throughout the Bay Area, specifically in Redwood City, San Jose/Santa Clara or San Francisco.

Watch repair and jewelry repair are also provided in our Sacramento pawn shop by expert, European-trained specialists.

Buy Sell Loan is located in Sacramento on Auburn Blvd. We look forward to seeing you there!


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